The first issue of our journal has been published!

Review Articles
  • Cover- Contents / Journal of Apitherapy and Nature 
  • Letter to the Editors  /PDF/ Ali Timucin Atayoglu, Fang Zhu 
  • Synthesis and Applications of Carbon Dots from Food and Natural Products: Review /PDF/ Saliha Dinç, Meryem Kara

Research Articles

  • Cell-based Cytotoxicity Methods /PDF/  albandri alfraidi, Theara Cendi Fagundes 
  • Validation Methods for Phenolic Components with RP-HPLC-UV in Various Bee Products /PDF/  Hilal Ebru ÇAKIR, Yakup ŞİRİN, Sevgi KOLAYLI, Zehra CAN 
  • Comparison of the Effect of Process Temperature on Some Biochemical Properties of Nectars from Fresh and Dried Rosehip /PDF/  Atiye DEGIRMENCI, Mehtap ER, Gulsum Merve TURKUT, Gulsah OKUMUS
  • Determination of Antioxidant Activities of the Chestnut and Flower Honeys Collected from Eastern Black Sea Region in Turkey  /PDF/  Özlem Saral 
  • The Antihelminth Effect and Economic Efficiency of Clover and Absinth  /PDF/ Maharramov Saleh Heydar


Apitherapy and Nature Team

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